The Triumph of the (Connected) City

We’re a social species.  Our greatest asset is our ability to learn from people around us.  We get smart from being around other smart people.   And that’s what cities do.  They magnify the ability to learn from other people and come up with amazing new innovations.   If you think about humankind’s greatest hits. . . these are things that were made in cities by collaborative chains of creative people who borrowed each other’s ideas and competed with each other. . . and did things that were really magical.  That type of change, that type of innovation is more valuable and more important than ever.  And that’s why cities. . . have come back from the tough era of industrialization.  . . come back as places where people learn from one another and further their dreams  --  Edward Glaeser, Harvard economist and author of The Triumph of the City, speaking at the Center for Cities in London, 2011.