Restaurant Data Formatting


I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on how to use the Restaurant Inspection Data. The "WebExtract.txt" file seems to contain the brunt of the data, yet I've been unable to import it properly into Excel or a Fusion Table (my end goal). Opening in Excel and saving as a.csv, followed by importing to Fusion Tables seem to work either - the rows are properly imported, but all the data is in one cell (I'm guessing it delimits by the return and ignores the commas).

Any tips on how to format that data / get it into a fusion table?





Try this shell script

The WebExtract.txt file has invalid characters (an artifact of the export process from the back-end which we are working to fix) which make it difficult to process. Here's a shell script which might help - you may need to modify it to be more current, but it fixes the WebExtract.txt file so it's importable by a mongoimport, which is a CSV-to-MongoDB import tool.


NYC Policies - API

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an API for NYC policies.

Does it exist? Can anyone point me to the right direction?



Are you looking for NYC Rules?

Are you referring to NYC Rules? If so, then no, there is no API at present.

However, I did put together a scraper  (requires Ruby) that will download and convert them into XML stored locally. It's kludgy and has some known issues but it might help if you are just looking to get the data. You need to pass this parameter to the script: